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Vulgar and offensive language is prohibited in guild chat, in our forums, and on our Ventrilo server. If you can not express yourself without using foul language you do not belong in this guild. Likewise, inappropriate and sexually suggestive subject matter will not be tolerated. Posting and/or linking to pornographic or offensive material will result in immediate removal from the guild.

Being Prepared For Raids

There are times to goof off and times to get organized. Raids are always a time to get organized. A respectable amount of preparation is involved in pulling off a successful raid. This goes for guild members as well as the raid leadership. Turn off the television, put your book away, and get in the game. Pay attention when strategies are explained and be patient with players who are new to the experience.

Members are expected to be knowledgeable about all boss encounters, current and upcoming. Visit strategy websites such as and as well as watch videos, in particular how-to videos ( for example). Members who raid who have consistently not read up on bosses will be asked to leave the raid and run the risk of loosing their rank at officer discretion.

Come prepared for raiding. This includes being on time for invites, repaired, and close to the raid location (if pre-annouced). Dependant on your class you should have abundant reagents; mana and health potions; stat food; wizard or mana oils; and either flasks or a combination of elixirs (defensive+offensive). We expect raiders to be fully augmenting their abilities on boss encounters with all consumables possible. Use of the guild bank to assist each other in obtaining these consumables is highly encouraged (both donating and withdrawing).

When raiding, anyone is allowed to go AFK for short periods of time but we ask that you show consideration for others and notify an officer, your party and the raid prior to leaving, including the approximate length of time you'll be gone. Also, please note that in some raid encounters there are respawn timers on trash mobs. Whenever possible, time your AFKs for when they will be the least disruptful to the progress of the raid. If needed, officers will replace players who have been AFK for lengthy periods of time in order to ensure the raid can continue.

The following addons are required to raid with IBR:
  • Threat Meter - Omen or other equivalent threat meter;
  • Boss Mod - Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs.
  • oRA2 - Which facilitates the the sharing of main tanks, ready checks and other information transparently between the raid members and raid leaders

Community Spirit

Mutual consideration and respect for guild members is expected. We encourage members to assist one another in grouping, Battlegrounds, etc. but do not expect anyone to drop everything to come to one another's rescue. Don't take offense if fellow guild members are not available to help you quest, do an instance, farm, or grind XP and do not offer gold in guild chat for assistance in these tasks.

Help each other with obtaining items but be respectful of each other's time and effort. The guild is not an Auction House, so please do not offer to buy or sell items from fellow guildmates in guild chat.


We are open to suggestion and constructive criticism but we ask that you use private messages and tells. Everything is listened to and considered. Complaints against other guild members should be communicated to guild leadership in the same way and not in guild chat or open forums.

Leaving the Guild

Applying for membership in another guild while still a member of IBR is grounds for removal. No one likes to be used, and if you are planning on leaving, don't use IBR for loot while you look for a new home. We have a guild to look out for and raid loot is intended for guild members who are contributing to the progression of the guild. If you intend to leave IBR communication with an officer before you leave is appreciated.

Alts who have not been logged into the game for over 3 months will be removed from the guild. Players who are not logged into the game for over 8 months will be removed from the guild and will require a new application to rejoin the guild should they decide to come back to the game at a later date.

Guild leadership will determine the need for removal of members from the guild at their discretion. Guild leadership will always do their best to do what is best for the guild as a whole.

Blue - Updated April 8th, 2009.

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